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What Is Our Podcast Studio All About?

Our Podcast Studio rental comes with an in-house engineer and cannot be rented without. Our studio engineer provides technical expertise and support during recording sessions to ensure optimal production (video and/or audio) quality.

A pre-production call is recommended at least two days before recording. The reason for this call is to go over Podcast Studio rental equipment requirement and rules to ensure a seamless experience. This call is also required to address any last minute questions you may have pertaining to your recording experience.

A Podcast Studio Equipment Rental Agreement must be signed before use.

The Podcast Studio is only available during regular business hours. (Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM).

*Raw Footage Delivered Day Of Recording*

Audio Only

Members: $400/hour‎ Non-Members: $500/hour

Audio & Video

Members: $850/hour Non-Members: $950/hour

Podcast Editing

Members: $350/hour Non-Members: $450/hour